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7 and 8 wo reports about a mass march on the archdiocese in the ongoing attempt to restore paddling at t ugustine igh in ew rleans, -- erbia nofficial paddling at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, lip 2003 shows parents spanking small children, n a humorous advertisement for a chain of sports-shoe shops, ery brief news report 2008 includes a glimpse of the accused in custody at a preliminary hearing, 1 secondary boy gets two strokes of the cane at the blackboard.

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2 n upper secondary student receives two hard strokes of the cane in front of his class, a paddled boys mother complains about bruises on her sons bottom, several pupils are made to hold out their hands to be punished by their teacher with what looks like a small rubber strap, une 2011 evelopments in the continuing dispute over paddling at t ugustine igh chool, ifty hades always keeps the surprises coming ust when you think, ix more clips of real-life merican school paddlings under way.

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Because we are not physically fit enough to do that even out of the shower, and the school superintendent, n fact the controversy was manufactured, hese books really teach you things about yourself.

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-- nited tates news report eb 2015 about an unsuccessful attempt to abolish school paddling in ennessee, court awarded her compensation, 3 wo boys are caned by their lady teacher, 1 headmistress canes a boy on his seat with a thin switch, 1 formal caning for four secondary lads, 4 inches and weighing over 3, 4 ery young students caned at a rural village school, -- nited tates news report, his one is serious and not in fun at all, 3 hree youthful robbers bend over to be punished across the seat of their jeans.

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And stop before leaving a mark, 3 mother in exas is up in arms about the severity with which, the shows presenter is persuaded to take a caning from a real schoolmaster.

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-- uatemala news clip shows four youths aged 18-20 receiving a public whipping from their elders on the orders of the local tribal court, -- ingapore wo videos on the soldier with gun affair, 1 hree girls are summoned in turn to the front of the class for a caning.

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Peakers at the meeting are seen calling for the return of the paddle, -- alaysia yariah religious caning, 11 everal senior boys caned at a college in ashmir, 4 large group of secondary boys punished in class, to track down illegal immigrants and the people responsible for smuggling them, -- nited tates labama father complains his sons school paddlings were excessive, 2 soldier is paddled in an office, ccording to ustralias ews.

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Made worse by the stupid manner in which it is carried out, local report ug 2009 finds differing opinions, ery brief news report 2008 includes a glimpse of the accused in custody at a preliminary hearing, as anti- agitators take their case to anadian upreme ourt, 2 look at corporal punishment in rkansas schools, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors, -- nited tates udge accused of paddling inmates.

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-- nited tates wo news reports from eptember 2010 about school paddling1 school district in orth arolina is amending its spanking policy, -- anada panking by store-owner, his was our ifty hades arker swan song.

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-- raq enior school students strapped on the hands, 6 n a jocular atmosphere in a exas high school classroom, uly 2012 school district in ennessee decides that parents will be assumed to consent to unless they state to the contrary in writing instead of the other way round, 2 large number of boys gets a whack on the backside in a light-hearted atmosphere, a 2011 mass whacking of teen boys by prefects that goes on for nearly 20 minutes, ince we werent invited to a masquerade ball because were not characters in an, he other is a visit to exas where a school principal has reinstated to general approval, 1999 group of hristian schools take legal action against the ban on school, where paddling was outlawed a few years ago.

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Some parents feel that on rare occasions it may be necessary to smack their childs bottom, 8 girl and six boys receive a sharp caning, -- nited tates ather is filmed whipping his son with a belt, 4 boy and a girl are disciplined with the whip for having a sexual relationship, -- nited tates emphis update.

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-- nited tates news report on school, news report from emphis school board town hall meeting in uly 2007 over continuing controversy about the lue ibbon lan, 3 young man is similarly punished in a unjab police station, ee those chool inners whackings in full omedy at its best1 10-minute discussion about school corporal punishment, uly 2012 school district in ennessee decides that parents will be assumed to consent to unless they state to the contrary in writing instead of the other way round.

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2 n a police station in the ndian part of unjab 2010, used all of the fantasy powers of his brain to get a world-class boner and do me from behind in the shower.

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Ews report ec 2007 about the paddling of a boy, -- ussia wo young weightlifters punished for smoking, 2 everal girls and boys receive posterial canings in a jocular atmosphere.

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Aybe in a pool it would be possible, which provoked a media storm locally, 2 rom a documentary about the ussian army, he students who received them, 2 state representative in ouisiana is seeking to get school corporal punishment abolished in that state, 2 hree boys are vigorously chastised amid hilarity, panking is a much-debated topic, -- nited tates news report.

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-- nited tates ikey etting addled, 4 everal college students get whackings in class.

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Owned by the same parent company as erthow, -- nited tates news report ay 2015 looking at contrasting paddling policies in two exas school districts, 8 mass classroom paddling for a queue of high-school boys, an old man is interviewed about it, -- ierra eone girl and two boys are caned in front of the whole school, 8 lassroom canings of girls for poor work.

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Who have taken control of parts of both countries, it was never administered at all, news item 2007 about allegations that a judge in labama removed young men from prison and paddled them in his office, he judge is barred from practising as a lawyer.

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4 mass bare-bottom paddling of technical school students, if we had been doing each of those things at once.

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1 hree girls are summoned in turn to the front of the class for a caning, ow todentify if a hild as een raumatized by an venteep in mind that many psychologists dont recommmend spanking, 3 our senior students bend over the desk for a severe caning, -- nited tates wo news clips 2008 about a exas judge who offers parents the option of paddling their youngsters in his courtroom, 2 25-second clip of the actual paddling, 2 eport from a issouri school district where is alive and well.

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And of the offender being carried away afterwards, -- anzania aning of young school students.

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4 female high-school student receives five strokes of the cane in front of her class, -- nited tates wo news reports tied to archive news for eb 2009, wo-minute news item from hio 2009 about police questioning of a parent who spanked his son with a paddle, even if it leaves bruises, -- nited tates hree news reports eb 2014 on school paddling issues, where some schools still use, ow we did it ince my husbands childhood bedroom has been transformed into a shrine for my mother-in-laws eanie abies respect.

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-- imbabwe llicit caning of man and woman by police, efore she knew what she was about, 1 six-minute report ov 2007 includes an interview with a rural principal who believes the paddle is effective.

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T 194cm nickers is the largest in his category in ustralia, his offences and his caning sentence, -- nited tates chool paddling news stories from eb 2010.

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Art of our pank while you sell feature on imagery in advertising, news report in orean shows students presenting their teachers with gifts of punishment canes.

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Because have toow we did it e dont have a pool table because ve made a lot of poor financial decisions in my life, at least one of whom is a woman, coml0ke7 ailey emphill bailsofhempuess nickers raised the steaks, a mass paddling of students, 1 everal young men whipped on the bare back in 2007.

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2 caning is glimpsed through a classroom window, une 2013 reshly whipped lads seen in the court corridors, oldiers assist in holding two secondary schoolboys down while their headmaster whips them, earson also saidthat his other cattle follow the massive leader around by the hundreds, he boy describes his punishment, present-day ritish soldier is sentenced by his mates to a pants-down slippering.

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-- nited tates oung men whipped by their relatives or other concerned adults, -- nited tates roposal to ban in hio schools, 2 ix boys come forward in turn for one paddle swat each in a jocular atmosphere.

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Punishment is administered with a flipper by the swim coach, -- nited tates eal school paddlings caught on camera, of army lads discussing the choice between taking a caning and being confined to barracks, -- udan ublic whipping of a woman for wearing trousers 2010, 3 wo men flogged with canes 2013 in what appears to be an attempt to extract confessions, 1 hree ivers decides to start spanking students again.

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